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At Brick Paver Guys, brick paver services are provided to you right from the design to installation and maintenance. This is done at an affordable price so that you can afford to pave your patio, garden, walkway, or any other outdoor place that you want to enhance the appearance. Our experts have the necessary experience and skill to ensure that paver bricks are conveniently and effortlessly installed at your premises. You will get hands on experience on the best applications of brick pavers, weather conditions when they should be laid down, the pattern and steps to follow among other vital information. When you engage our experts, you will be guaranteed to get good value for your money. The brick paver services that you will receive are of superior quality, hence you will have a long lasting patio, garden or walkway covered with paver bricks. If you would like to learn more about the brick pavers, contact us on 888-390-5559 and share with us the ideas that you may have with your garden, patio, walkway or the outdoor place at your home, business or a public place. Your budget should not limit you as we will ensure you get the best deals.


Custom-designed brick paver Services

At Brick Paver Guys, paver bricks are made and custom installed to suit the needs and requirements of the client. You will find that there are various issues that have to be put into consideration on laying down the bricks. If for instance you are looking for bricks to customize your walkway, our technicians will advice you on the material and pattern that will best suit the walkway. The same will apply if you want to lay the brick pavers on the patio or your garden. As for the public spaces, paver bricks are a very popular choice for many. We will select the most appealing, beautiful and durable materials and install the brick pavers. Our experts will also carry out the brick pavers lying over concrete. This is a good option especially where you have a concrete slab and you want to cover it with brick pavers. With our custom designs, you will experience high quality brick paver services that will transform your walkway, garden, path or patio. You will certainly make the most out of your money, time and effort.



How are you treated by the technicians? They should be respectful, wearing full uniform and be punctual. They also should clean up the pathway, patio, and walkway or garden once they are through with laying the brick pavers. If they are rude, disrespectful or untidy, you will receive free services.

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* installation

Laying the brick pavers is an important undertaking that we carry out. We guarantee you that the paver bricks will be laid down where they are required. We have a warranty on all our installations of brick pavers that we carry out. This will be carried out free of charge after the initial installation. Call us on 888-390-5559 for more information.

* Replacement install

If the brick pavers fail to meet the required standards, then replacement install will be carried out so that new ones replace those that could be broken or cracked. If you are unsatisfied still, you will be entitled for an immediate refund.

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